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Episode 6: "Death, Dating, and Elephants"

In Episode 6, Gwen and Mateyo Bonham explore the ways that international development and humanitarian aid work can change not only someone's perspective on a variety of things, but also an individual's identity. As they discuss things like death, dating abroad, and facing one's fear of elephants, Gwen and Mateyo provide us with valuable and entertaining insight on how the way we look at life shifts with time and place.  

Season 1 Archives

PREVIEW EPISODE: THIS IS 30 SECONDS IN - SalusWorld has created a podcast! Yes, this is the same SalusWorld that provides innovative mental health interventions in international settings. Why a podcast? Because SalusWorld also provides innovative staff welfare initiatives. Click image to find out more!

EPISODE 1: ITCHY FEET - In our first full-length episode, Angela Bailey treats us to her story about living and working abroad, and provides invaluable advice for those with a genetic marker for 'wanderlust.' Click image to listen!


EPISODE 2: EARLY RISER - In 2003, Karen Stewart took a leap, and spent 10 years working with MSF (Doctors Without Borders). Hear Karen's story about life in the field and her comments on the benefits of getting up early in a house full of co-workers. Click image to listen!

EPISODE 3: BEWITCHED - In Episode 3, Gretchen Heinrichs shares stories from her work in global women's health, commenting on both successes and challenges, including an interesting encounter with local superstitions and belief systems. Click image to listen!


EPISODE 4: RED MOTO - Gracefully balancing tasteful candor and humor, Sara Nadelman discusses her experience as a country director for an organization offering restorative aftercare for girls rescued from the sex trafficking trade, as well as an entertaining anecdote on the hazards of motorbike transportation. Click image to listen!

EPISODE 5: RING OF ROACHESGwen speaks with David Kuwayama, a cardiovascular surgeon who has carried his skills with him into some pretty intense environments. David shares brief stories about dealing with live gunfire, being on-call 24/7 for over 100,000 IDPs, and clever ways to deal with cockroaches. Click image to listen!

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