Heal the World (HTW) is a local mental health organization working in Yangon, Myanmar. Since 2010, HTW has been working to heal emotional wounds and alleviate human suffering by providing mental health awareness activities, trainings, counseling, and psychosocial services in Myanmar. SalusWorld and HTW have sustained a long collaboration of providing mental health services in Myanmar. SalusWorld supports HTW financially and technically with grant funds and training in order to build local expertise and clinical skills, while HTW provides the direct mental health service provision, trainings, and psychosocial activities in the communities in and around Yangon. These services range from providing "Sharing Circles" to populations in need, to creating collaboration among mental health actors in Myanmar, to providing basic mental health training to NGO frontline staff. The ultimate goal is to build the capacity of the HTW team to the point that they are financially self-sustaining.


Wola Nani was founded in 1994 to provide services to those who couldn't help themselves, with the ultimate goal of empowering people living with HIV/AIDS to do exactly that. Wola Nani works to enhance the capacity of the HIV/AIDS sector through research, advocacy, training, and resources in order to more effectively meet key challenges in improving the wellbeing of communities and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. More specific activities include counseling and testing, ARV adherence counseling and support, after school programs for vulnerable children, and income generation opportunities for persons with HIV/AIDS. Most recently, Wola Nani launched a Research Training Institute that seeks to develop good practice models which Wola Nani can share with the HIV sector at large, including government, donors, and partner organizations. 

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Fortune, founded in 2009 under the auspices of SalusWorld with an end goal of total independence, is a Shan Burmese community-based organization (CBO) in Fang District, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Their mission is to address the mental health needs of the Shan Migrant Workers and their families who live and work in the Fang area. Fortune members live in and around Wiang Wai Village and have been trained as lay mental health counselors. Some of the training they have received includes: basic mental health and mental health disorders, CBT, helping skills, facilitation and presentation skills and community outreach, refugee mental health issues, community development, early childhood development,  proposal writing, video production, computer training, and puppetry.

Fortune has provided numerous services over the last five years, including trainings for many Fang and Shan State community groups. Additionally, the organization conducts community outreach every month to provide community education regarding mental health issues, trainings, video presentations, as well as weekly radio broadcasts regarding migrant worker issues. Fortune also collaborates with a number of other CBOs in the area to coordinate efficient and effective use of resources. 

Fortune's work has been highlighted in a book entitled: Trauma and Recovery on War's Border: A Guide for Global Health Workers (Geisel Series in Global Health and Medicine).

This book can be found via amazon.com.