SalusWorld is a Denver-based NGO dedicated to the well-being of individuals and communities recovering from conflict and emergencies through innovative mental health interventions.

Areas of Focus

Promoting Mental Health Globally - Mental illness is one of the great invisible burdens on all societies, accounting for 4 of the 10 leading causes of disability worldwide. 

Training & Consultation Services - SalusWorld offers training and consultation services customized to the needs of international humanitarian and development organizations working across the globe. Our services include: 

  • Needs Assessment
  • Community Mental Health Training
  • Psychosocial Program Design
  • Evaluation & Measurement Services

Promoting Integrated Service Provision - SalusWorld is an acknowledged leader in strengthening local mental health care systems and the skills of those who manage them on a community based scale.

Staff Welfare - SalusWorld helps international aid workers develop the necessary skills to maintain their own mental health and the strength of spirit that is challenged during the sometimes deep and prolonged exposure to human suffering in the helping profession.


Promoting Mental Health Globally through...

Promoting Integrated Service Provision

SalusWorld collaborates with local organizations to provide innovative mental health services to meet unique needs in developing countries, specifically targeting marginalized and high-risk populations that otherwise would not have access to services. 

As we work to promote and achieve integrated service provision, SalusWorld:

  • Partners with local NGOs to provide culturally appropriate mental health services to reduce mental health symptoms
  • Targets our interventions to vulnerable populations having a higher risk of developing mental health symptoms
  • Uses semi-structured support groups (sharing circles) as our primary mode of intervention in order to scale up the number of participants we can assist
  • Has seen, through our evaluation studies, an improvement in mental health symptoms from participants who take part in the sharing circles

Training & Consultation Services

Our training and consultation services include:

Needs Assessment - Our assessments determine the psychosocial needs of a community or group of beneficiaries and addresses ways in which an organization can support the psychosocial health of both staff members and beneficiaries.

Community Mental Health Training - We support the development of a tailored group counseling model through a "Train the Trainer" program for local and international NGOs. In areas of conflict, SalusWorld offers sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions that integrate psychological and peace-building dimensions to help communities heal. Trained local counselors will have the ability to facilitate groups as well as lead mental health awareness workshops.

Psychosocial Program Design - We work alongside agencies to create unique strategies to address the mental health needs of your beneficiaries. Psychosocial programming tailored to your organization will give your staff the tools to support the emotional needs of impacted populations. SalusWorld has successfully implemented mental health and psychosocial programs in: Myanmar, the Thailand/Myanmar border, and South Africa.

Evaluation & Measurement Services - SalusWorld empowers international aid organizations to evaluate their own abilities in addressing the mental well-being of their beneficiaries and assess the impact of programs on the psychosocial needs of beneficiaries.

Staff Welfare

The stresses of international aid or development work are well-known. When one of your staff is facing a significant personal problem, s/he can call upon SalusWorld for assistance and set up a free consultation with an experienced counselor from our network of Master's and Psy.D. level professionals. These individuals have international work experience or are being directly supervised by someone who understands the unique issues of international work.

We offer counseling, help, tools, and resources to employees and their family members to address a wide range of problems and issues, including:

  • Reentry issues and debriefing
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Balancing work and family
  • Health issues and illnesses
  • Children with special needs
  • Eating disorders
  • Family violence
  • Gambling addiction
  • Mental and behavioral health issues
  • Stress management
  • Loss and grief
  • Personal development and training
  • Separation or divorce
  • Stress and coping with change
  • Wellness
  • Adoption
  • Interpersonal skills with family and coworkers
  • Family violence

SalusWorld also helps organizations, their teams, and their people leverage human capital in the service of building resilient team members who can thrive in the midst of challenging work. Our services are delivered by professionals who understand global organizations and have lived and worked internationally.

We deliver consultations, trainings, and workshops to organizations and teams that include:

  • Organizational Staff Care Consultations - Support for organizations to develop and align staff care policy and practice, create an environment that builds staff and organizational resilience, and effectively manage individuals and teams working in high stress environments.

  • Critical Incident Response - Services focused on helping staff and organizations prepare for, manage and cope with critical incidents, both during and after. Services delivered by specialists experienced in supporting organizations working in high-stress environments.

  • Individual Consultations - Individual voice, video or face-to-face consultations with staff care professionals with experience in similar work environments, allowing staff to seek neutral consultation and support from professionals who understand their experience.

  • On-site Training, Educational Events and Workshops - Training and experiential workshops designed to educate staff and managers on staff resilience and to build insight.