SalusWorld is a Colorado non-profit corporation that takes its name from Salus, the Roman goddess of prosperity, safety, and well-being - the protector of the continuation of good health.

The Salus Mission

Our mission at SalusWorld is to stand, collaborate, and coordinate with victims of trauma, humanitarian workers, and other activists to facilitate a return to a healthy emotional life after setback, loss, or injury caused by war, political conflict, multi-ethnic tensions, natural disaster, prejudice and epidemics. SalusWorld responds to manmade and natural disasters by providing emergency emotional support and long-term psycho-social training to people and communities in crisis because we recognize that the psychological and emotional scars of such events – wounds that are invisible to the naked eye and may continue in people's minds long after the fighting has ended – have been neglected for far too long.

Our Brief History

Since 2006, SalusWorld has created and implemented comprehensive training and support programs to address the emotional trauma of affected individuals. SalusWorld’s philosophy is a departure from traditional humanitarian aid interventions in both approach and style, as the primarily philosophy is to build the capacity of local NGOs and community based organizations already offering important health and social services to their communities.  With the support of international donors, SalusWorld has established a number of partnerships in South East Asia and has trained 150 local volunteer counselors to help bridge the cultural divide between SalusWorld volunteer consultants and the communities in which we hope to assist.  

Training local counselors, which is at the heart of SalusWorld's mental health approach, has been a crucial component to building up the community's capacity to deal with the ongoing conflict and aftermath of traumatic events. Through a mix of individual counseling, support groups, family interventions, psycho-education campaigns and coordination with traditional healers and community leaders SalusWorld programs aim to help displaced, oppressed or affected communities restore bonds among family, friends, community, and society.

The Salus Advantage

SalusWorld, unlike many other consulting agencies, has the distinct advantage of having well trained psychologists and therapists with international experience who can link theory to practice, and to offer psychological support for those in need. Due to the breadth and depth of international experience of SalusWorld clinicians, we fill a unique niche of providing quality, clinically-sound, culturally contextualized, appropriately supervised mental health interventions for national and international staff in their working environment.

The members of our team have experience working to establish and support psychosocial programs in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as locations here in the United States with asylum seekers and resettled refugees. In these environments we have worked with persons traumatized from the effects of war, crime, political conflict, natural disasters, child abuse, crimes against women and children, sexual abuse and epidemics such as HIV/AIDS. 

In addition to our international work, psychosocial experience and clinical backgrounds in trauma treatment, SalusWorld clinicians have extensive expertise in program evaluation, staff welfare and outcome measures. We know how to design and implement procedures to assess the effectiveness of psychosocial programs and have advanced training and experience in research design and management. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of implemented programs. Each of our members also has experience and training in academics and teaching.


How do we do it?


We create mental health volunteer opportunities with NGO's worldwide


We train mental health professionals for volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations across the globe


We conduct workshops for humanitarian workers, peacekeepers, journalists, or others departing for or returning from international work


We consult humanitarian agencies to provide psychosocial support for staff, critical incident debriefing, re-entry support and employment screenings


We promote dialogue through the use of life histories among those that have struggled with tensions arising from differences of culture, religion, ethnicity or race


Please visit the Our Work page to read more in-depth information on our services, or feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or are interested in training, consultation, or volunteer opportunities.