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Healing the emotional scars of human rights violations across the globe.

Victims of trauma have unique emotional and mental health needs that in many areas of the world go unmet. SalusWorld’s unique model equips NGOs and aid workers to assist members of traumatized populations in healing themselves; enables peer counseling proven to be effective and culturally relevant; and provides effective measurement and evaluation tools for organizations focused on helping whole communities recover from the effects of war, human rights violations, displacement, natural disaster and more.

For SalusWorld, interventions that promote emotional healing from trauma are not only an essential treatment for responding to human suffering; they are integral to delivering holistic medical care and fostering global socioeconomic development. SalusWorld clinical psychologists have tremendous depth and breadth of expertise in trauma treatment, program evaluation and outcome measurement to deliver sustainable mental health interventions on a global scale.

SalusWorld’s focus areas include:

  • Direct Aid to Traumatized Populations

Group counseling sessions to “train the trainer” in areas of conflict, creating sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions to help communities heal.

  • Evaluation, Measurement and Consultative Services to NGOs

Empowering aid organizations to evaluate their own abilities and create solutions to address the mental health needs of traumatized populations, helping them treat mental and emotional needs of impacted populations in addition to addressing their physical needs.

  • Humanitarian Aid Staff Welfare and Support

Helping those aid workers in the field to develop the necessary skills to maintain their own mental health and strength of spirit through deep and prolonged exposure to human suffering.[PL1] 


 [PL1]Link to the What We Do sections for each